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the unsung hero of mountain biking, the digger

With an immense passion and phenomenal diligence, Sammy overcomes huge obstacles and rides without stopping. One of the most hard working individuals I have met, Signpost Films was given the opportunity to tell a little bit of his story. During pre-production, as layers of Sammy were revealed, we saw that his passion drove him to build massive jumps just for himself. He would work long hours in construction and then spend his off-time riding and digging. Our time with Sammy culminated in an epic ride day with Red Bull athletes Carson Storch and Darren Berrecloth. Being a humble guy, Sammy could not believe that Carson and Darren came to his secret spot. The day was truly a monumental day and it was amazing to capture it.

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Client: Red Bull
Agency: Internal
Production Co: Signpost Films
DP: Dathan Graham
Producer: Jefferson Henson
B Cam Production: Venture Visuals
GoPro Cam: Venture Visuals
Drone Op: Bryant Swanstrom
Photographer: Scott Topher

Post Production: Signpost Films