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Tribe confront racially unjust systems and seek reconciliation...



TR-BE is an organization that stands to be a training resource for American churches to confront racially unjust systems. In addition to education and confrontation, their goal is to teach reconciliation to the church and promote true healing. The organization reached out to me to shoot these two impactful films profiling two different but similar stories. 

The first, above, is called Citizen. "17yr old Ray Mayeda was stripped of his citizenship and imprisoned after the U.S. issued order 9066 during WWII. Ray was released from an internment camp, was forced to move east, and was met by a group of Christians at Dearborn Station. What happened next is a testament to the power of the gospel in the face or racial discrimination."*



TR-BE presents Legacy: The Story of Dr. John Perkins. John Perkins was a leader during the Civil Rights Movement, a trailblazer in the area of racial reconciliation, and is the founder of the Christian Community Development Association. Be inspired to hope in the face of racism by the life of this giant for justice.*

*descriptions from the website,