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Four beautiful kids who didn't have a family of their own...


Adoption - Daniel Alan

Years ago, when Shannon (my wife) and I began talking about having kids, we didn't feel peace about it. We didn't know at the time but that was because we were destined to be foster parents and become a forever family for 4 beautiful kids who did not have a family of their own. Daniel was our first foster child and started us on an incredible journey that was both painful and rewarding, sometimes at the same time. The video above documents a little of his story. 

Sophia Grace

Sophia was our first adoption. She is a precious and quirky addition to our family and we are so blessed by her. 

Isabella Joy

Isabella was our second adoption. She is beautiful and full of joy, incredible to see her beginnings to where she is now.

Carter Jerome

Carter ("CJ") was our last adoption and he has so much energy and is so fun! His video is yet to be made but it will be coming soon!