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Dominic Balli | Hope

Run for those who can't...




Hope is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. She can lift you to the highest heights or leave you a pit of despair. This month’s song is about my wrestle with her.*

Hope can be so elusive and at the same time so powerful, it is hard to capture what it can mean in words. This is Dominic Balli's perspective after some very hard times. When long time friend Tony Cruz asked me to consider shooting this music video with him, I was excited. At once we were aligned on the aesthetic and mood of the piece and being able to collaborate with vocalist Joy Oladokun and dancer Annie Gratton was amazing. 

*From Dominic Balli's instagram post

Client: Dominic Balli
Director: Tony Cruz
Producer: Cody Joens
DP: Jefferson Henson

Post-Production: Brian Buffon
BTS Still: Rob Reich

Vocals: Dominic Balli and Joy Oladokun
Dancer: Annie Gratton