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How do we make the complex simple,
while promoting brand pillars like manufacturing a medical grade product?



Pure, Clean, Simple

Needing a resource to educate customers on the formulation of silicone, NuSil started to develop learning tools for customers. These formulation concepts are very complicated and confusing if taught incorrectly, so the marketing team went to work on making the complex simple while on the film side, Signpost Films (Dathan Graham & Jefferson Henson) developed a style of film that reinforced brand pillars. The films needed to be clean and simple, promoting a medical grade product that was remarkably more pure than its competitors.

The result: Simple, clean and easy to understand explainer films that provided an amazing resource to customers, with aesthetics and graphics that complimented the NuSil brand.


Client: NuSil
Agency: Internal
Production Co: Signpost Films

Editor: Dathan Graham
Graphics: Jefferson Henson

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